2017 Chicago Real Estate Report and 2018 Market Outlook

by Amanda on February 5, 2018

Similar to previous years, conversations around 2017 will highlight steady home price appreciation and further dwindling housing inventory. Below you’ll find our predictions, measurements and year-end results – essentially our report card. The results will help real estate business owners better manage their presence online, as well, to bring more clients in.  It is also important to say that prices of the houses vary depending on the services and places they have near, as well as making sure your mortgage and foreclosure laws are in check. As San Diego Real Estate Developer and market experts, we take immense pride in releasing our 7th annual “San Diego/Chicago Real Estate Roundup”, providing you with a list of the outlook on the real estate market in San Diego as well as Chicago, where we discuss the year in review and explain our predictions for the year to come.

We’re proud to say that Chicago Home Partner clients continued to achieve their goals in this competitive marketplace.  Our listings sold quickly and at nearly full price, our buyers successfully found homes and the agreements we have with BB&T, some winning out in heated multiple bid situations.  With over 120 transactions representing $45 million in closed sales, we are humbled by the success that was only possible by you, our most valuable asset, and the trust you place in us.

Amanda, Tiffany, Ressie, and Jared

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