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by Amanda on April 22, 2018

For many of us the onset of spring is a reminder to start our annual spring overhauls – decluttering, organizing, and cleaning. While spring cleaning has the obvious benefits of an organized closet, a sparkling counter top, and windows not streaked in dirt, more importantly, it has been associated with improved mood, decreased stress, and heightened creativity. Learn windows and window cleaning in-depth with this article –

Clutter and the overall accumulation of “stuff” can increase stress by distracting and overwhelming our senses according to many psychologists.  In fact, most americans indicate that home organization and cleanliness are among their top five stressors. If the thought of having to deal with the process is stressful already, you can always hire professional cleaners to do the literally dirty work.  It’s so important, (organization), that it’s even associated with our level of physical activity, generosity and healthy eating choices. Who knew? In addition, click here the recommended vitamins and herbs at and learn more.

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That’s why this month we’re provided a list of locally based Chicago services that can help you undertake your organization projects by donating unwanted or underused items to those in need.  It’s kind of a one-two punch for your brain – clear out your space to decrease stress levels and feel good about helping someone else out!

Below we’ve provided a list of places in and around Chicago where you can take items or even schedule a pickup.  Simply select your charity of choice.  We’ve even included who the charity benefits, so if you’d like your items to go to Vets, children or others in need – you can choose the best fit.

Make this year’s Spring cleaning meaningful to both yourself and those who may benefit from unwanted items in your home.


The Ark 
Phone: 773-862-5011
Accepts: Household items, furniture, clothing, appliances under ten years old, but no baby items, mattresses/box springs or TVs
Benefits: Families in need in the Chicagoland Jewish community

Bridge to Success
Phone: 312.733.9742
Accepts:  Men & Women’s professional/business clothing (especially plus size, tall, and men’s shoes) and contemporary/in season men & women’s casual clothing, shoes, and accessories. Clothing must be clean and in good condition
Benefits:  Low/no-income men, women, and youth job-seekers

Brown Elephant 
Phone: 773-549-5943
Accepts: Furniture, clothing, housewares, artwork, electronics, and books/media.     Does NOT accept: Tube-TV’s, beds, or bed-related items.
Benefits: Howard Brown Health Center

Catholic Charities Emergency Assistance
Phone: 312-655-7510
Accepts: Clothing, household wares, and Hygiene Kits
Benefits: General needs

Cell Phones for Soldiers
Accepts: Cell phones
Benefits: Troops stationed overseas
Drop Off: Through the mail (free shipping)

Chicago Abused Women Coalition 
Phone: 773-489-9081
Accepts:  Call  They have an ever-changing “wish list”
Benefits: Abused women

Computers for Schools
Phone: 800-939-6000
Accepts: Computers and cell phones
Benefits: Schools and other nonprofits, both city and suburbs

Cradles to Crayons
Phone 312-767-1008
Accepts: Clothes, shoes, toys, books and school supplies and nursery items
Benefits: Low income & homeless children from birth to age 12

Encore and More
Phone: 847-853-8888
Accepts: Clothing, accessories, small furniture, and appliances
Benefits: National Council for Jewish Women – Northshore Section

Family Rescue
Phone: 773-375-1918
Accepts: Clothing, household items, new toys, computers and office supplies    No used mattresses/box springs
Benefits: Victims of domestic violence and their children

Goodwill Industries
Phone: 888-353-6400
Website: for location nearest you
Accepts: Household items, furniture, used computers, clothing, but no large appliances or mattresses
Benefits: Training programs for the disabled

Habitat for Humanity
Phone: 312-265-6625
Accepts: Building materials, furniture, and appliances
Benefits: Low-income families who partner with Habitat as new homeowners

Lamb’s Farm Thrift Shop
Phone: 847-327-9053
Accepts: Household items, furniture, clothing  No appliances, mattresses, or box springs
Benefits: Residents of Lambs F

Lions Club
Phone: 630-571-5466
Accepts: Glasses and sunglasses, hearing aids
Benefits: Individuals in need

One Sight
Phone: 888-935-4589
Accepts: Prescription glasses, sunglasses, and bifocals
Benefits: People around the world who cannot afford eye care

Pacific Garden Mission
Phone: 312-243-2480
Accepts: Clothing for families and hygiene kits
Benefits: Homeless

Poised for Success
Phone: 630-691-1455
Accepts: Women’s in-season business attire
Benefits: Working women on financial assistance

Salvation Army
Phone: 888-574-2587
Accepts: Used computers, all household items, furniture, clothing, mattresses, used electronics and children’s books   No medical equipment, textbooks encyclopedias, or office furniture
Benefits: Salvation Army programs

Soles 4 Souls
Phone: 866-521-SHOE
Accepts: Shoes
Benefits: Low-income families around the globe

The Sports Shed
Phone: 773-360-1825
Accepts:  Gently used sporting equipment
Benefits: Sports programs for under-resourced areas

Vietnam Veterans of America
Phone: 708-371-4418
Accepts: Household items, clothing, and gently used shoes
Benefits: Vietnam veterans
Pickup: Suburbs:  Yes  City: depends on zip code  Call to schedule

Women’s Club of Evanston – Dreams Delivered
Phone: 847-475-3800    Carol Short
Accepts:  Evening wear and accessories
Benefits: Underprivileged girls go to prom

World Computer Exchange
Accepts: Computers and computer hardware
Benefits: Schools and institutions in developing countries
Pickup: Yes for 8 or more computers only
Drop Off: 9717 S. Damen Ave Chicago, IL

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