The 2017 Chicago Summer Farmers Market Schedule

by Amanda on July 11, 2017

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Since Summer has officially decided to join us, I thought it would be a good time to share with you another great way to embrace these warm mid-western months.

The Chicago area plays host each year to an amazing number of farmers markets.  These markets bring in some of the best locally grown fruits, vegetables and other wonderful foods from farmers around the Chicago area. Almost every neighborhood has one, so most likely you can find one not too far from your very own home! Check this out, The 6 Most Popular Roof Types in Florida when you want to change your roofing style.

I’ve compiled a list of local markets including locations, days of operation and structure, including the best insulated roofs from Southern California you can find at sites like, all this as part of my ongoing commitment to serve as your Chicago source of information.

Need another reason to head to the markets?  Since we’re all trying to do our part for the environment, consider this:

  • Non-local produce travels an average of 1500 miles, compared to 56 miles for local produce.
  • Even broccoli (likely grown within 20 miles of your home), travels an average 1,800 miles to get to your local Supermarket.
  • About 40% of our fruit is produced overseas.
  • There is no/little packaging or refrigeration needed at Farmers Markets.
  • At supermarkets, $.035 cents of each dollar actually goes to the farmer compared to $.80 – $.90 at Farmers Markets.

Join me in doing the right thing for our planet (and your appetite!) by heading out to one of these great local markets this weekend!


Loyola University Chicago Farmers Market
6540 N. Sheridan Rd.
 June 5–October 163pm–7pm
 (2:30pm–6:30 pm October dates)


Downtown – Federal Plaza Farmers Market  Gary Comer Youth Center Farm Stand
Adams St. & Dearborn Pkwy. 7256 S. Chicago Ave.
May 17–October 25, 7am–3pm June 6–August 29, 3pm-6pm
Lincoln Square Farmers Market   PCC Farmers Market
2301 W. Leland Ave. 330 N. Lotus Ave.
June 6–October 31, 7am–1pm June 6–October 31, 12nn-5pm
SOAR Farmers Market   Columbus Park Farmers Market
MCA Plaza, 220 E. Chicago Ave. 500 S. Central Ave.
June 6–October 26, 7am-2pm July 11–September 12, 2pm–7pm
North Lawndale Market  
1420 S. Albany Ave.
September 5–October 31, 3pm-6pm


Ravenswood Farmers Market   Green City Market–Lincoln Park
4900 N. Damen Ave. 1817 N. Clark St.
June 7–October 18, 4pm-8pm May 10–October 25, 7am–1pm
Andersonville Farmers Market   Gary Comer Youth Center Farm Stand
1500 W. Berwyn Ave. 7256 S. Chicago Ave.
May 10–October 18, 3pm–8pm
(3–7 p.m. September & October dates)
June 7–August 30, 3pm-6pm
LaFollette Park Farmers Market   Pullman Farmers Market
1333 N. Laramie Ave. 11100 S. Cottage Grove Ave.
July 12–September 13, 2pm–7pm July 5–October 25, 7am–1pm
Windy City Harvest Lawndale Market   Windy City Harvest Washington Park Market
3750 W. Ogden Ave. 555 E. 51st St.
June 14–October 11, 9am–1pm June 14–October 11, 9am–1pm
Roseland Market
200 W. 109th St.
August 30–October 25, 2:30pm–5:30 pm


Daley Plaza Farmers Market   Hyde Park Farmers Market
50 W. Washington St. 53rd St. & Harper Ct.
May 11 – October 26, 7am-3pm June 1–October 26, 7am–2pm
Low-Line Farmers Market   Garfield Park Community Market
3411 N. Southport Ave. 200 N. Kedzie Ave.
June 1–October 26, 3pm–7:30pm June 15July 13August 17
September 14 & October 19, 3pm–6pm
Lincoln Square Evening Farmers Market   Eli’s Cheesecake Farm Stand and Fresh Market
2301 W. Leland Ave. 6701 W. Forrest Preserve Dr.
June 8–October 26 (No market September 7), 4pm–8pm June 15–August 24, 8am-1pm
South Loop Farmers Market   Green City Market at the Park
1936 S. Michigan Ave. 3637 N. Clark St.
June 15–September 28, 4pm–8pm June 15–October 26, 4pm–8pm
Argyle Night Market   Wood Street Farm Stand
Argyle St. btwn. Kenmore & Sheridan Rd. 5814 S. Wood St.
July 6–August 31, 5pm–9pm April 20–October 2511am–3pm
 (1st & 3rd Thursday from June to October, market ends at 6 pm)
NEW Austin Market
5900 W. Chicago Ave.
July 13–September 14, 2pm–7pm


IMAN Fresh Beats and Eats Farmers Market  
2744 W. 63rd St.
May 19–October 20, 2pm-6pm


Cyrano’s Riverwalk Farmers Market   Division Street Market
233 E. South Riverwalk 30 W. Division St.
May 6–October 288am–2pm May 13–October 287am–1pm
Eden’s Place Farmers Market   Edgebrook Neighborhood Farmers Market
4911 S. Shields Ave. 6525 N. Hiawatha Ave.
June 3–October 149am–1pm June 17–September 309am–1pm
Edgewater Farmers Market   Englewood/Anchor House Market
5917 N. Broadway St. 76th St. & Racine Ave.
June 3–October 148am–1pm July 8–September 1610am–2pm
51st Street Community Market   Garfield Park Neighborhood Market
5100 S. Wood St. 200 N. Kedzie Ave.
June 17–October 1411am–2pm June 10July 8August 12September 9 & October 1410am–2pm
Green City Market – Lincoln Park   Green City Market – West Loop
1817 N. Clark St. 115 S. Sangamon St.
May 6–October 28, 7am–1pm June 3–October 28, 8am–1pm
Healthy Food Hub at The Quarry Center   Horner Park Farmers Market
2423 E. 75th St. 2741 W. Montrose Ave.
Year-round, 11am-3pm June 3–October 14, 9am–1pm
Lincoln Park Farmers Market   Northcenter Farmers Market
700 W. Armitage Ave. 4100 N. Damen Ave.
June 3–October 28; 7am–1pm June 3–October 28 (No market June 10), 7am–1 pm
PCC Farmers Market   Plant Chicago Farmers Market
330 N. Lotus Ave. 1400 W 46th St.
June 17–October 21 (3rd Saturdays), 10am–2pm June 3–September 16, 10am–2pm
Printers Row Market   61st Street Farmers Market
800 S. Dearborn St. 6100 S. Blackstone Ave.
June 17–October 28, 7am–1pm May 13–December 16, 9am–2pm
Trinity Hospital Famers Market   West Humboldt Park Farmers Market
500 95th St. 3601 W. Chicago Ave.
July 8–September 30, 8am–1pm June 24–October 7, 10am–2pm


Maxwell Street Market   NEW Bronzeville Market
800 S. Desplaines St. 4700 S. King Dr.
year-round; 7am–3pm July 9–September 17,10am–2pm
95th Street Farmers Market   Glenwood Sunday Market
1820 95th St. 1400 W. Morse Ave.
May 7–October 29, 7am–1pm June 4–October 29, 9am–2pm
Independence Park Farmers Market   Jefferson Park Sunday Market
3945 N. Springfield Ave. 4820 N. Long Ave.
June 11–October 22, 9am–1pm June 11–October 22 (2nd & 4th sundays), 9:30am–1:30pm
Logan Square Farmers Market   McKinley Park Farmers Market
3107 W. Logan Blvd. 3700 S. Archer Ave.
May 14–October 29, 10am–3pm June 4–September 24, 10am–2pm
Pilsen Community Market   Portage Park Farmers Market
1800 S. Halsted St. 5400 W. Irving Park Rd.
May 28–October 29, 9am–2pm June 4–October 1 (1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays), 10am–2pm
South Shore Farmers Market   Sunday City Market
79th & South Shore Drive 1000 W. 35th St.
June 11–October 8, 12nn–5pm July 9–September 10, 8am–2pm
Wicker Park Farmers Market
1425 N. Damen Ave.
 June 4–October 29, 8am–2pm

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