3927 N. Greenview, #4S Chicago, IL 60613 (MLS # 09991816)

by Amanda on September 7, 2018

3927 N. Greenview, #4S Chicago, IL 60613 (MLS # 09991816)

Property Specifics: 3 Bedroom – 2 Bath

Additional Information: 3927 North Greenview Avenue detail Page

Neighborhood: Lakeview / Southport Corridor

Property Virtual Tour: 3927 North Greenview Avenue Virtual Tour

Note: The below entry has been provided by the seller of the property.

Anytime we returned to our home at 3927 N. Greenview, we felt like we had entered our own little oasis. The large living room and bedrooms gave us plenty of space to spread out and relax or play. The natural light through the windows and skylight kept the house well-lit and always full of warmth. The trees that cover the front window and the back porch made us feel like we were on an island even in a busy neighborhood like Southport.

Being on the top level allowed us to look out over the neighborhood while maintaining our privacy. We know it is a top floor walkup and adds some exercise to a grocery run, but to us, the extra few steps to be on the top floor and not have to worry about noise above and to get the extra light was ABSOLUTELY worth it.

The storage spaces made life so much easier in a city unit. The large pantry closet off the kitchen and another smaller pantry built into the kitchen allowed us to stock up and organize in a way we couldn’t before we moved there. The laundry room with the new washer and dryer we put in when we bought it made doing laundry more enjoyable than it ever had been anywhere else we had lived.

And the garage! In our three years in the neighborhood, ours was the only private two car garage associated with a single condo unit in Southport. Being able to avoid parking problems on the street or in a shared garage, or getting buried in snow, or having a place to store bikes or a stroller made a huge difference.

Southport Corridor as a neighborhood is amazing (as you might already know!). We’re officially part of Lakeview, this small community is bordered by Grace (North), Southport Ave. (West), Racine (East), and Belmont Ave. (South). It’s a mix of trendy shopping, independently owned specialty shops, top-notch restaurants, all with a family feel. We feel it’s definitely the best neighborhood in Chicago!

Saturday morning walks included countless trips between the bookstore (Amazon Books – where they do story time on Saturdays), the coffee shop (SO many, but our favorites are Southern France Patisserie & Julius Meinl) and top playgrounds including Blaine School Playground, Juniper Park & Shiel Park. Evening walks for ice cream are always a struggle between Jeni’s or Dairy Queen, and the family dinners (or cocktail hours) could be at any of the amazing restaurants along the Southport Corridor. Some of the best include SIP and Uncommon Ground.

We’ll miss our Chicago home and most definitely our beloved Southport Corridor neighborhood. We hope that the next owners enjoy the moonlight through the skylight, watching the birds hop from branch to branch out of the living room windows, the leaves fluttering overhead in the breeze as they relax on the back porch, and all the intangible things that made us love it.


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