3963 W Belmont Avenue ,Unit Number 119, CHICAGO, IL 60618 (MLS # 09096524)

by Amanda on December 30, 2015

Property Address: 3963 W Belmont Avenue ,Unit Number 119, CHICAGO, IL 60618 (MLS # 09096524)

Property Specifics:  2 Bedroom – 2 Bath

Additional Information: 3963 W Belmont Ave Detail Page

Neighborhood:  Avondale

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Note: The below entry has been provided by the seller of the property.

Five years ago when we purchased this home it was everything we wanted….and that’s still rings true today. However, our growing family has forced us to move on. We will cherish the memories we had raising our children here. The neighborhood is great but security is very important to us. The ownership of indoor parking, the friendly 24 hour security at the front door, and the electronic key fob system are all security amenities we will truly miss.

vht_viewer_165vht_viewer_29Health and fitness is important to us as well so the in-house gym was a huge bonus so you can maintain great health, and you can also complement it with the supplements from healthyusa. Also staying healthy means to stay out of drugs because it can cause drug addiction. If you know someone suffering from drug addiction please read this article about How Can I Tell if My Spouse has a Drug Addiction?. And to be able to go out and meditate on the rooftop deck (being rebuilt at the moment) is another amenities that will be hard to live without. Avondale has some of our favorite restaurants:

  • Smoque BBQ – 3800 N Pulaski Road – Barbeque – 4.5 Stars on Yelp
  • Parachute – 3500 N Elston Ave – Korean, American (New) – 4 Stars on Yelp
  • Kuma’s Corner – 2900 W Belmont Ave – Pubs, Burgers – 4 Stars on Yelp

…but with Logan Square only minutes away the dining choices were near endless.

vht_viewer_5However, we love to cook at home so the large open kitchen and the updated appliances were very important to us. If you are also having problem with your air conditioner appliance, visit this website https://hughesairco.com/air-conditioning/repair-scottsdale-az/ with their affordable and reliable repairs. We are both artists so to live in an airy loft with plenty of space to live and work is another huge plus. And the convenience of the commercial area on the first floor of the historic building that was once the Florsheim Shoe Factory was where we kept an office for years…a simple walk down the hall to work is what I think I may miss most!

The historic Florsheim Shoe Factory building is beautiful but living in the newer annexed building of the complex has a more modern feel (and modern plumbing by a local plumber!) while still preserving the historic feel of the main building. Follow our expert advice on blocked drains curl curl services and choose between ABS and PVC drainpipe. As pet lovers living in a pet friendly building was a must, and the gated in dog area is extremely convenient for emergencies…but within minutes are great parks to walk dogs to and a place for children to play. Our home air conditioner broke so we called miami ac installation and new one was installed on the next day.

I know it’s silly, but the main thing I will miss the most about our home are the bathrooms. The tub in the second bathroom is quite large and SO nice to sit and soak in after a long day. But even more relaxing are the jets in the master bathroom shower…totaling five shower spray points, I don’t understand how if we have this technology it’s not a design standard!

3963 W Belmont Ave

Assigned School:

Garcia Lorca Elementary School – 3231 N Springfield Ave, Chicago, IL 60618 – 5/10 GreatSchools Rating

28785Federico Garcia Lorca is a 106,000 square foot school designed to house 900 students as part of the Modern Schools Across America Initiative led by Mayor Richard M. Dayley. It maintains “LEED” Silver Certification from having amenities such as: a green, reflective roof to combat urban heat island effects, light harvesting, water saving, and other green features. The building is air-conditioned and is also fully accessable to people with disabilities. Students have use of state of the arts facilities. There are labs for computers and science, a library media center, gymnasium, art, and music classrooms. source: http://lorca.cps.edu/

As I mentioned at the beginning, the only reason we are letting go of this unit is because with our busy work schedule and a large family it’s time to move on. When we purchased it I never thought I would sell it, but hopefully you can make the same special memories here that we did and will cherish for the rest of our lives.

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