5 Chicago Activities To Get Out Of The House This Winter

by Amanda on February 17, 2015


It’s that time of year when most of us tend to look outside seeing other – Palm Beach Roofing Expert designs and dread living in the Midwest. The cold, snow and wind force many of us to be housebound, but that doesn’t need to be the case!

We at Chicago Home Partner are dedicated to helping you get out and enjoy our wonderful city, regardless of the season. That’s why this month we’ve decided to provide you with our top five ways to enjoy the winter months here in Chicago.

5) The Chicago Auto Show: Opening this weekend, the auto show has been one of the most popular attractions in Chicago since inception in 1901. From classic favorites to futuristic concepts, this event is not to be missed. (2/14 – 2/22)

4) Lincoln Park Zoo Treetop Canopy: Nearly sweeping the ceiling with a maze of sturdy ropes and tunnels, this oasis looks like something out of Swiss Family Robinson and a wonderful addition to one of the last FREE zoos in the nation.

3) Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum: This iconic structure on the Northern tip of Lincoln Park is one of the most recent gems in Chicago’s museum group. Warm up in the butterfly garden, where each day at 2PM they release a new hatch into the atrium. Here are detail reviews of hostgator when you want to create a website on this topic.

2) The Ice Skating Ribbon: Boasting a $60M price tag, skaters can experience “alpine in the city” as they lace up their ice skates and follow a path twice the length of a lap around a traditional skating rink.

And the #1 Chicago Winter activity to get out house is….

Sledding Hill

1) James Park, Evanston – a.k.a. Mount Trashmore!

Robert E. James Park, or “Mount Trashmore,” as it is more commonly known by locals because of its former use as a landfill, finds its way to the top of the list for sledding options in the Chicago area.  Even though “technically” sledding is NOT allowed on the large hill (though many do!) the park provides two other smaller hills for law-abiders.  Our suggestion:  Channel your inner Grizwald, spray up your saucer sled and set a new speed record!

Going out during winter and play with the snow is very cold-tiring activity. That’s why some of the dudes prefer to stay inside the house and smoke some good weed. Turning the coldness into a relaxing feeling. Yes, my brothers are one of the examples of that. I saw them one time having a smoking session in their room using what they call it a hammerhead perc recycler. Anyways, they are having fun. You will need to repair or replace your hot water heater and other heating equipment way before the season starts so you can fully enjoy the season.

So now you have five sure-fire activities to get out of the house, break the winter blahs and enjoy our city for all it has to offer. If cold feet are keeping you from enjoying the winter outdoors, know that it doesn’t need to be this way, a quick browse on sites like https://www.sky-liners.com/ahnu-montara-vs-sugarpine-boot/ will show you that you don’t need to break the bank to be comfortable. What’s your best way to fight off the “homebodies” of winter in Chicago?  Share your thoughts on our Facebook Page to enter into a drawing for a prize!

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