733 W California Terrace , Unit 1, CHICAGO, IL 60657 (MLS # 08725043)

by Amanda on November 8, 2014

Property Address: 733 W California Terrace , Unit 1, CHICAGO, IL 60657

Property Specifics:  2 Bedroom – 2 Bath

Additional Information: 733 W California Terrace detail page

Neighborhood:  Lakeview

Property Virtual Tour:  733 W California Terrace Virtual Tour

Note: The below entry has been provided by the seller of the property — Joe Nahas.

CA Terrace Walkscore smallIn 2006, I moved to Chicago for a new job.  At that time, I knew I loved this City but had not lived here before.  I viewed several condos all over the city and in various neighborhoods.  However, it was the condo in Lakeview where I felt most at home.  The convenience of a 2 block walk to the El’s Brown, Purple and Red lines, a 10 minute walk to the lake, and no shortage of great restaurants and bars to choose from made this condo the perfect fit.  Not originally growing up in a city, the condo itself felt like an oasis getaway.  Located at the end of a gated tree lined street, it created a peaceful atmosphere in the middle of an exciting, bustling neighborhood.

Jacks on HalstedAfter living by myself in the condo for several years, I met my beautiful wife.  After dating long distance for a year, I convinced my future wife to move to Chicago and we got married.  She grew up in a rural area and had not been introduced to city life before.  However, as she says, she was very fortunate to have such a great starter home, and we were.  She always felt safe walking around day or night.  She has said “It was like a dream living across the street from a Marshall’s, DSW and Michael’s.”  We both enjoyed the convenience of being able to run along the lake path and visit the park, which were both very close.  We became regulars at Jack’s on Halsted and George Street Pub.  Both of which were very close to the condo, which was nice, especially on those cold days when you did not want to be outside for more than a block.  The bartenders always greeted us with smiles and knew our regular drink orders.  Other big pluses for us was the convenience of a great gym (Fitness Formula Club) being only a block away, along with a Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. Speaking of fitness, it is a general state of good health, usually as a result of exercise and nutrition. I know a place where you can achieve this healthy body, go to elliptical.review. In addition, always look for a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with specialized training and significant experience. Check out plastic surgeon specializing in Botox treatments at this site buckinghamfacialplastics.com

wrigley fieldWe ended up adopting a dog who loved to go to the beach at Belmont Harbor and swim during the summer, which was a short walk away from our condo.  We have a miniature dachshund, so a short walk was a must!  Also, my wife and I were very thankful that we lived across the street from Petco and three blocks from a Kriser’s Pet Supply.  Additionally, it is a quick walk to either Blum Animal Hospital or Mc Killip Animal Hospital.

There is so much to do in and near Lakeview that when family and friends came to town we sometimes didn’t even feel it was necessary to go downtown.  The condo is a short walk to Wrigley field, Wrigleyville, the Blue Man group, shopping, the Wit Theatre, the Comedy Sportz Theatre, and the Lincoln Park zoo.

The condo’s location at the end of the street makes it one of the best units.  It feels really private even though our unit is on the first floor.  There is very little, if any, street noise or pedestrian traffic that makes its way down that far.  We used the upstairs bedroom as the master which worked out well because it is secluded and very quiet.  The quiet makes for great sleeping at night or even napping during the day.  Our neighbors are really great too, which can be a concern when moving to a new place.  The woman in the unit above has been there for over thirty years and makes almost no noise.  The guys that live across the hall are really sweet and always invite us over to hang out with them.

California Terrace Gated

CA Terrace LIving RoomPrior to moving in, my wife was concerned about the condo’s layout.  She thought the size of the kitchen would be a problem.  Also, I had always heard horror stories about lack of storage space in city homes, and she hated the spiral staircase, which use to be the stairs down to the lower level.  However, after moving in, she found that she loved the layout of the condo.  All of the rooms are large and it has a great flow throughout.  The kitchen size was never an issue for her even when we hosted parties.  It is set up really well and makes for efficient, not frustrating cooking.  Also, she now knows that she was spoiled by the amount of storage space in our condo.  She did not realize how much stuff we actually had tucked away until we moved.

CA Terrace DownWhen I bought the condo there was a spiral staircase leading to the downstairs area.  It made getting up and downstairs difficult and slightly dangerous.  Also, bringing our laundry upstairs from the laundry room proved to be challenging.  We recently removed the spiral stairs and put in a regular staircase, which turned out beautifully and was hard to part with when we moved.  We also added brand new hardwood floors to the entire upstairs and downstairs living area.  We added brand new matching stainless steel appliances a little more than a year ago.  We’ve updated both the air conditioner and the furnace in the last year.

Additionally, the laundry room is a huge space and there is so much that could be done with the extra space.  We will always have fond memories of our condo and living in Lakeview and hope the new owners will make it as much a part of their lives as we have.


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