Why We Are Different

“I decided to form Chicago Home Partner because real estate needs a different approach than many provide in my industry today. This is not only a house – it is a home for you, your loved ones and your family. At the same time it is probably the largest financial decision that most will make in their lifetime.

When we work with a client, their dreams become our own. Their hardships become our hardships. And when we’ve accomplished what we set out to do, their achievements are ours as well.

That is why the governing principles of Chicago Home Partner encompass both analytics and empathy, advice and understanding. Our goal is to take a human approach to buying or selling your home… and we will never take that responsibility lightly.”

~ Amanda McMillan, CEO Chicago Home Partner

Our Mission Statement… Our guiding principles

At no other time in an individual’s life is more trust in someone less familiar than when buying or selling a home. That’s why it is important for a client to get to know us as well as for us to know them. By listening to our clients and finding out what’s really important to them, we are able to understand them and their dreams. In doing so, we are able to truly work with our clients and become more than a REALTOR®; instead becoming their advisor, confidant and support.

Because of this, we are able to advise our clients in a highly educated yet understandable manner. We approach each transaction as if it were our own, educating our clients on all factors and information that could affect their decision. No pressure will ever be applied to our clients to make a decision. Due to the relationship we have established and the thoroughness we invest, we believe there should never be any needed if we have done our job correctly.

Our clients are not only our business partners, they are also our newest friends. And after all, when making a decision like buying or selling your home, wouldn’t you want a friend on your side?