Clayton Jones

Clayton Jones – Real Estate Advisor

When it comes to maneuvering through a new area in life that’s unfamiliar it can be exciting as well as overwhelming. Either way it is a new experience, and because of that you may not know everything, and that’s okay. Real estate is one of those areas of life that’s forever changing, and because of that, having somewhere there to lean on comes in handy. For those new and those experienced Clayton is here to be your helping hand in all your real estate needs, whether that’s buying your dream home or selling one that you’ve outgrown. Clayton pledges to assist you every step of the way in this journey.

Aside from Claytons passion for helping others, he has the strong ability to create and build lasting relationships. With his skills in client relations, communication, and problem solving, he is sure to make this homebuying or selling process as smooth as possible. Clayton believes it is his job to ensure you in his abilities to get your from start to finish.

When Clayton is not assisting others in their home buying or selling journey, he enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as traveling. He is a big advocate of living a healthy lifestyle and working out in the gym. He is also a huge sports fan, being a former collegiate athlete, sports will always be a part of his life.

Regardless of where you are in the process of home buying or selling, or if you haven’t begun the process at all, Clayton looks forward to the opportunity to assist you. No matter the situation or circumstances he is here to serve you in finding the perfect home and community for you and your loved ones to build lasting memories. Contact Clayton today.

Clayton Jones
1875 North Damen Ave.
Chicago IL 60647