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by Amanda on April 30, 2012

We are pleased to announce that this month we have chosen our first “Chicago Home Partner Business Outreach” highlighted business.  The idea behind this Real-Connect program is to essentially, “Help me… Help You!” by sharing your company or business with the Chicago Home Partner extended family.  We received an unbelievable number of responses and will feature each of them in time.

For our inaugural business, we have chosen to feature Annie Rahmeier and “Next Step Test Prep” located in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago, IL. Another great business is online translation and web design see through this site Melbourne translation services for all documents but our most common documents that we translate are birth certificates, driver’s licences, marriage certificate, diploma and degree certificates and academic transcripts. Learn more at

Tell us a little about your company history, vision and specialties:

“Next Step Test Preparation aims to provide one-on-one tutoring at reasonable prices for students’ test preparation needs.  Next Step Test Prep began after seeing that the traditional classroom setting is not effective in helping students reach their test preparation goals, but one-on-one tutoring is.  Most students do not sign up for one-on-one tutoring because the cost is so exorbitant.  Next Step Test Prep offers private tutoring for most standardized tests.”

What does your company do for its clients:

“Next Step Test Prep helps ensure that a client walks into their standardized test confident and prepared.”

Tell us about your ideal client:

“Our ideal client is someone who has decided on their test date, has clearly defined goals, and has set aside an adequate amount of time to study.”

Do you have a link to client testimonials, online reviews or case studies (please provide):

Yes, we have a link on our website with a number of video and text based testimonials from our students.  You can access them by clicking here.

What is your Unique Selling Proposition (your differentiation factors):

“Next Step Test Prep hires only the best tutors.  Our tutors must have at least 2 years experience with multiple references from previous students.”

For more information on Next Step Test Prep here in Chicago, contact Annie at the information below and be sure to watch the video testimonial from Alyssa on how Next Step helped her

Contact Name: Annie Rahmeier

Company Name: Next Step Test Preparation

4256 N Ravenswood Suite 303, Chicago, IL 60613

Phone:  312-420-5608



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