Home Seller’s Guide

Chicago Home Partner Home Seller’s Guide

Selling a home in today’s market can be incredibly challenging and frustrating for home sellers.  However, well priced desirable homes are still selling in the Chicagoland area.  What makes some homes sell while others do not?  The number one factor in selling a home is price, and unfortunately many in the market today simply cannot afford to sell their homes without bringing money to the closing table.

In this section of the website, we have tried to present you with as much factual and unbiased information about selling your home as possible.  We understand that many that have purchased a home in the last few years have done so with the understanding, (sometimes at the assurance of real estate agents) that they would be able to “sell and move up” in only a couple of years.  A home purchase should never be looked at as a “short term” investment, but more as a long term financial investment in your future.  That being said, life changes, family growth and job relocation are factors that are often times unplanned.

In our current real estate market, it is more important than ever to consult the services of a professional, proven and competent Real Estate Advisor.  Not only will they bring an excellent knowledge of pricing and market determiners, but they should have a proven marketing plan for generating exposure to your home both online and off.  In fact a recent NAR (National Association of Realtors) study shows that those listing their home for sale with a proven successful Realtor often times sell for 20-25% higher than those that sell a home on their own.

Below we have put together a list of topics to consider when deciding whether to sell your home or when it is actually for sale.  These resources highlight the steps that we at Chicago Home Partner take when representing EVERY ONE of our listing clients and have proven successful over the years.  If at any time during your reading you have questions or something becomes unclear PLEASE use the “Contact Us” button to connect via email or simply pick up the phone and call.  Selling a home is not a journey that anyone should go on alone.

Resources for Selling Your Home

1.  The Value of a Real Estate Partner

2.  Determining Your Motivation for Selling 

3.  Effective Market Pricing

4.  Preparing Your Home for Sale

5.  Actively Marketing Your Home

6.  Communicating Activity and Feedback

7.  Continual Pricing Analysis

8.  Contracts, Negotiation and Closing