Make Your Socially Distant Holiday One To Remember

by Amanda on December 1, 2020

Dear friend,

The most recent request to downplay holiday gatherings due to spiking COVID numbers have hit us all hard. These weeks leading up to the holiday season are usually some of the most memorable times in the city.  The stringing of lights in Lincoln Park Zoo, the windows at Macy’s, the opening of Christkindlmarket and the Thanksgiving day parade all have special meaning – even to the most Scroogiest of Chicagoans.

This year will be different.

Many of the events we’ve come to hold holy during the holiday season have been cancelled or make us feel uncomfortable to attend in person. More importantly, many of the loved ones we cherish seeing each year will not be gathered around our table.  It’s like the climax scene in, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, after the Grinch has stolen everything.

But, the Whos of Whoville cannot be robbed of their holiday cheer and neither can Chicago.

Just because this year will be different – doesn’t mean that it can’t still embody the true meaning of the holidays and make memories for years to come.

From Zoom! Games with family to virtual events and more, we at Chicago Home Partner have cultivated an awesome list of ways to enjoy our spectacular city and spend time with others in a socially responsible manner. 

Boring Facetime calls with extended family eating dinner be damned! 

Take a look at our list below and find something that looks good to you.  We promise there’s something for everyone.


Table Reads: Maybe you’ve seen the famous celebrity table read of “Fast Times at Ridgemount High” – but if not it’s worth a watch. Why not recruit a team and take on an episode from Seinfeld or even Austin Powers? You can find thousands of scripts, ready for you to cast at IMSDB for free!

Pictionary: Why not take this favorite into the digital age using the FREE Zoom whiteboard function? Assemble some teams, topic items (cards), a time keeper and check out this short tutorial on the Zoom whiteboard feature! Kids will love this one too!

Karaoke: This one works well after a couple of adult beverages… but the Disney Princess Songs playlist (with lyrics) can always serve as a show stopper!

Cards Against Humanity: Where this requires everyone to have a set of cards, CAH will spice up EVERY Zoom party. Definitely an “after-kids-go-to-bed” or “after Grandpa falls asleep” game!


BMO Mag Mile Lights: Even COVID couldn’t put a damper on the BMO Lights Festival this year, and you can still experience it in one of two ways. Head on down to the Magnificent Mile to check out the lights, (traffic is light!), OR watch any of the 6 parts on the ABC 7 website.

Lincoln Park Zoo Lights: For the first time ever, LP Zoo has limited the amount of people, (and tickets), to ensure some level of social distancing. You can purchase tickets on the LPZOO website and see available dates here.

MSI’s Christmas Around the World: Scheduled for Dec. 4th at 3:30, this is one not to miss. Explore the exhibit and stories behind the trees from your living room by visiting the MSI’s site here.

Lightscape and Illumination: If you were lucky enough to score tickets – you’re ahead of the curve! Both the Morton Arboretum and the Chicago Botanical Gardens have some of the best light exhibits of the season, however they’re SOLD OUT! Check back often as they are said to be releasing more tickets in the future.

Art on the Mart: Shown nightly at 7:00 and 7:30, (and limited to 100 people on the Chicago Riverwalk), this visually amazing production is truly something to see. More information can be found at the Art on Mart website as well as a nightly Live Stream of the event!

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