Our Favorite 2021 Home Trends For Everyone

by Amanda on June 7, 2021

The last year has been tough on all of us.  Where some are emerging from their homes for the first time in what feels like forever, the CHP team has been consistently on the front lines, showing property in the most competitive market in years.

During this time, many CHP clients have become reacquainted with their personal dwellings, and the reasons why they purchased them in the first place. However, they also tended to recognize that some features have become outdated, tired, or just worn out after excessive use! 

Since many of the homes we tour are often professionally staged or recently updated, (to maximize sales price), we witness many design trends and some amazing creativity.  We also get to see the bad and the ugly, including what hasn’t stood the test of time.

This month we’re providing you with elements of home décor that we love right now. We feel these ideas bring both value and a sense of home to what has become your most important place.

Our favorites are listed below complete with pictures and personal insight. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or contractor referrals.  We’re here to help any way we can!

Ressie Krabacher “No matter how much space we have, everyone loves to hang out in the kitchen. A pop of color in the kitchen gives a statement. My particular favorite is Navy…It’s versatile, stylish & I think it’s timeless. Plus it hides the mess well than white cabinets.”

Jared Nell “I’m a fan of a make-shift temporary home office space! While everyone’s work-from-home situation was unique this past year, I enjoyed seeing the less permanent home office creations for those who either weren’t sure how long they would need it or just didn’t want to believe it would be this long. Whether a small desk, a table or even a kitchen counter – make your space bright and don’t skimp on the chair!

Georgianne Carli “Lighting options are amazing, affordable and can rejuvenate a room. Hanging fixtures can add a pop of color and decorative bulbs can create the perfect ambiance. Many lighting fixtures can even be customized by the home owner and are incredibly affordable. There are so many lighting options available, brighten up your home and enjoy.”

Samuel Ciochon “White appliances are making a comeback in 2021.  They are one of many top color choices for kitchen appliances. White ice appliances are introducing a new way to reflect cleanliness in the kitchen while also adding a touch of class. These new whites are glossy, crisp, and clean.  If there is a kitchen remodel in your future, rethink white.

Amanda McMillan “One of my favorite current design trends is bringing the outside in.  Nowadays, the use of plants in modern interior design is getting more and more popular. Not only making spaces more appealing and alive, they also play a role in your overall health. Indoor plants can be used as accent pieces, to soften areas or even to create a certain expression.  And the best part about it is that the relative cost for a home design trend is quite low.”

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