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We at Chicago Home Partner have put together this resource page to provide you with information that you can use to enjoy Chicago, work on your home, move and more. Click on any of the buttons below to be taken to that particular resource page.

The Home Partner Monthly CAP ProgramFor the last 7 years we have been providing our clients with our favorite things to do in Chicago, special deals and great ideas for enjoying your home. Updated monthly, this section deserves to be revisited often!

Home Buyer Information – Buying a home can be a difficult decision and one that should never be taken lightly. We at Chicago Home Partner have provided you with all of the information you need to make smart choices during this process.

Home Seller Information – Selling a home in today’s real estate climate is more difficult than ever before. Pricing, staging, and effective marketing are all necessities in the sale of your home and we try to answer your questions and provide advice here.

City of Chicago Resources – Resources on how to change your mailing address, cable TV, Internet service, natural gas, electricity and other city service numbers that will help you facilitate your move.

Recommended Service Providers – This list is a tried and true list of painters, light rehab and construction providers that I have personally worked with over the years and trust with my own home.

Local Shopping Recommendations – Whether you’re looking for the local Costco or need that special shop for a sentimental gift, this page will provide you with a list of our personal favorites throughout Chicagoland.

Chicago Sports Resources – Chicago is a town rich in sports history. From football to basketball to hockey, Chicago loves its sports teams. In this page we provide you with links to all the Chicago teams as well as information on tickets and more.