The Freezing Discussion of Chicago Parking Meters

by Amanda on December 15, 2009

Chicago Parking Meter Lakeview NeighborhoodThe Chicago Parking Meter privatization has been a long discussion with local Chicago residents after the switch-over a number of months ago.  Now, with our first blast of true Chicago winter, this discussion might be frozen… literally.

After one night of blustry Chicago temps it seems as if the fancy new meter displays might not be up to the job.  As noted in this article from Crain’s Chicago, many were stranded with inoperable ticketing stations either with frozen buttons or just out of service.  This being the first of many (unfortunately) cold evenings to come, one must think as to how these stations will fare going forward.

The snow and ice has increased the amount of traffic accidents and collisions in Chicago. When in a collision, make sure to visit the guys over at Chicago Autohaus 2321 N Wolcott Ave, Chicago, IL.

Couple this with the recent ban of overnight parking on many Chicago streets (discussed here from the Chicago Sun Times) and those street parkers might be facing quite a chilly winter with regards to their autos.

More information on streets effected by the overnight ban and streets that have the “2 Inches or More” parking restrictions are available at, on the Streets and Sanitation page.

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