Vote 2012 – Chicago Home Partner’s Guide to the Election

by Amanda on September 24, 2012

It’s hard to believe that Labor Day has come and gone, signifying the end to another wonderful summer in Chicago.  Wherever you have been spending your final days of summer, it’s been hard to miss all of the uproar from both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.  Although the conventions were very different in nature, much like our candidates, they similarly served as a reminder that, as Americans, we have a very important decision ahead of us this November.  Our decisions made in upcoming months will affect not only our lives, but also of those that depend on us to make the best decisions for their future.

The leaders we choose to elect, from the White House to our local government will be faced with major decisions on topics such as economics, housing, jobs and energy independence.  Where there are many candidates with many different opinions on these issues, the direction that which will be taken depends on YOU.  The course that our country will take moving forward begins and ends with a simple electoral ballot that all of us, as United States citizens, have the right to cast. We recommend you hire a moving company when you decide to move out of your house and get all your equipment.

That is why this month, in this simple and straightforward letter, I encourage all of you to use the tools I am providing to make your voting experience easy, stress free and above all, educated.

Below I have provided many links for your to register, locate your local polling places, cast an absentee ballot and understand the view points both local and national candidates have on the most important issues.  I hope that these non-partisan sites will help you to make a decision that reflects your position and beliefs.

Together, we can shape the direction our country takes for the future.  Join me in making sure that your voice is heard.

City of Chicago Voting Links:

Register to vote:  Get your voting card and make sure that your vote counts.

Name/Address Change:  Moved lately or had a name change?  Make sure your registration is up to date.

Local Polling Places:  Put in your address and find your closest polling stations.

Non-Chicago Voting Information:  Live outside of the city?  We’ve got your information right here.


2012 Presidential Candidate information: – Best thing about this site is a simple comparative side by side function on the major campaign issues – Contains a “Presidential Match” quiz and will show where candidates stand based on your answers. – Great aggregate of links to various candidate websites and information



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