Albany Park

Bordered by the Chicago River to the east, Foster to the north, Pulaski to the west, and Montrose to the south, Albany Park enjoys a location just eight miles northwest of the Loop. That puts owners of Albany Park real estate within striking distance of the city center while still keeping them far enough away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy a rich, communal atmosphere.

The area is one of the most culturally diverse in the city, and you can tell by taking a simple walk through its elegant streets. Food from all over the world is available on every main street, and the area teems with life. As a little world of its own that offers easy commuting and plenty to see and do, Albany Park is one of the most desirable parts of the city.

Recent History

The Albany Park area traditionally saw a large influx of immigrants from a wide range of cultures, and that’s part of what gives the area such energy and vibrancy. However, recent years have seen the area become more popular with Chicago natives, so there are plenty of newly built homes to choose from, which are just part of an ongoing revitalization process.

For example, Eugene Field Park was designated a CPD Cultural Center in 2001, and now serves as a base for the Albany Park Theater Project, where local teenagers create theater events inspired by real life stories and experiences in their own community.


Albany Park is home to an impressive array of shopping, eating, and drinking venues. Once you’ve moved in, try heading to Galaxy Furniture for some unique pieces to enliven your new home, or take to Discovery Clothing Company for the latest brand name apparel.

When you’re in the mood for a bite to eat, there are almost too many options to consider, and they take their culinary inspiration from all over the globe. You can pick up:

The area is served by Albany Park Multicultural Academy.

Day in the Life

When Albany park residents have the day free, they typically start it at the Eugene Field Park, where an outdoor basketball court, grass-covered soccer field, four tennis courts, playground, outdoor pool, and indoor pool all provide plenty of ways to kick off the morning. There are also plenty of biking and running trails along the river for the most active and adventurous.

Once you’re done, refresh yourself at the Java & Mug Café, where you’ll find enticing drinks such as mango bubble tea and strawberry bingsoo (shaved ice). There’s even a selection of board games to entertain families. Alternatively, indulge yourself with a raspberry cheesecake pie or other baked good at First Slice, a popular local haunt for midday snacks.

If you’re out and about during August, look out for the Albany Park Summer Fest, a one-day event eagerly awaited by Albany Park residents for its excellent street food and live-music. 2015 was its inaugural year, and the event is only expected to grow!

After the sun has set, there are still plenty of options. Try the famous Pharaohs Hookah Café, where you’ll be able to take in the Middle Eastern atmosphere and enjoy live dancing. For a cocktail or a frosty beer, try the Montrose Saloon.


Albany Park is bordered by the Chicago River to the east, Foster to the north, Pulaski to the west, and Montrose to the south.

The Brown Line train can be caught from Lawrence and Kimball Avenues, and makes stops at Albany Park locations such as Kimball, Kedzie, and Francisco. It’ll take you to the Loop in around 30 to 35 minutes. There are also several bus lanes, including #92 Foster Avenue, #82 Central Park/31st, and #93 California Avenue, to take you from one side of Albany Park to the other.

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