As the temperatures begin to tumble like the leaves outside, it’s time to begin thinking about winter, the holidays and most importantly HALLOWEEN!

This is one of our favorite holidays here at Chicago Home Partner, and we are pleased to announce that this month will mark the 13th Annual Chicago Home Partner Pumpkin Carving Contest.  This is a perfect reason to spend some time with special people in your life – friends, spouses, family, whomever – just grab your favorites and carve up something amazing!  

The rules are quite simple…  Carve up your best jack-o-lantern (or a member of your family), take a picture and submit it to or upload it directly to our Facebook Page Here!


All entries must be submitted by Tuesday, October 30th and will all be posted on our Facebook fan page, for your viewing pleasure so check back often!  No fine print!

See some of last year’s entries!


We were recently with a past client, when they mentioned how unhappy they were with their bathroom remodel.  They hadn’t asked for any of our contractor referrals and when we asked why, they simply stated, “Well… I know how busy you are!”

That conversation inspired us to create the Chicago Home Partner Concierge Program, a complimentary approach to serving you, our most important people, and providing our extensive knowledge, service providers and insight surrounding the world of real estate and homes in general.  Below are some examples:

Confused about schools?  We can provide insight on school boundaries and even people you can reach out to and hear their first-hand accounts.

Looking for a handyman?  From refinishing floors to electrical work and even home renovations – We’ve got great resources that are tested, and CHP approved.

Dreaming of a design?  We visit and stage hundreds of homes each year would love to share some recent trends and some which might be heading out of style.

Interested in investing?  From unlisted homes to rental properties in desirable areas, we can help see if this makes sense for you and help you make it happen!

What did it sell for?  If you’re like us, you ALWAYS want to know what that place across the street/down the block sold for, and we can send you the skinny!

How’s my local market?  We try not to bombard you with real estate data, but let me know, and we can make you the inside-track for your local neighborhood!

Next week, we will begin reaching out to see if there is any information that you need.  We’re never too busy for those who have chosen to place their trust in me or their friends and family.

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