2017 Smart Home Hub Automation Review

by Amanda on February 27, 2017

Much like the weather we’ve recently experienced, the Chicago real estate market is definitely heating up. As we predicted in our 2017 Market Report, (available for download at our website), inventory is low, qualified buyers are out in droves and well-priced homes are selling FAST!

As real estate professionals, it’s always interesting to hear the changing trends that buyers are looking for in their new homes. Where finishes, location and proximity to local amenities will always be desirable from Chandler AZ Locksmith – we’ve noticed one that has recently started to make it’s way into buyer conversations…. Smart Home Features.

By definition, the “Smart Home” is equipped with products for controlling and automating functions such as, lighting, security, safety, entertainment and temperature.
Check out https://www.SecurityInfo.com to learn more about security equipment’s. These systems can be controlled either remotely, (i.e. smartphone), or a separate system within the home itself. The NEST thermostat was one of the first widely adopted products in this category, but now the market is flooded with smart-products for use in everyday life.

The brain of the Smart Home is called a “hub”, which connects your local WiFi connection and any of the 100’s of connected products available today at the Tool Report. Where many are available – the three market leaders today are the Samsung SmartThings, Wink and Nexia hubs. Each of these have work with your existing Wifi router, work with all phone systems, even the ones that come with a cell phone detector in their software and sell for less than $150.

“Alexa – set the heat at 72 degrees, lock the front door and play my classic rock mix on Spotify.”
Amanda McMillan, Monday night @ 7:00PM

Futuristic? Maybe… but this technology actually exists out-of-the-box and is surprisingly affordable. Since researching this can be extremely daunting, (believe me – we’ve done it!), we’ve put together a helpful list of information, products and reviews below.

The jury is still out as to whether these features will compel a buyer to choose one property over another or bring higher value to an existing home – but New Concept Property Management can definitely increase safety, peace of mind and even reduce utility costs in the long run.

Top Rated Smart Hubs:

Wink Connected Home Hub (2nd generation)


  • Compatibility- Z-Wave, ZigBee, Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, Kidde and Lutron ClearConnect
  • Mobile compatibility with Android, iOS and Windows phones
  • Intuitive Mobile App
  • Shortcut and Logic Features
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Installation and configuration is super simple
  • Compatible with a large variety of smart devices
  • Highly affordable
  • Super easy mobile app
  • More expensive than other products
  • Limitations of some advanced features
  • Pairing process is a little confusing


Samsung SmartThings Hub


  • Compatibility- Z-Wave, ZigBee, Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi
  • IFTT Support
  • Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phones
  • Compatible with Apple Watch and Amazon Echo
  • Backup battery of 10 hours
  • Installation and initial setup is quick and simple
  • Compatible with most number of devices as compared with other automation hubs
  • Hundreds of positive reviews
  • Process of pairing the device can be a little time-consuming and confusing
  • Disorganized mobile app
  • No integration with NEST thermostats
  • Needs Ethernet connection to have direct device control and use many of the features of the automation features

Nexia Bridge


  • Compatibility for Z-wave technologies
  • Mobile compatibility with Android and iOS
  • Intuitive Mobile App and website dashboards
  • $9.99/mo. fee for monitoring
  • Principality Plastics – skirting boards
  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Low maintenance
  • Highly affordability
  • Limited product line integration
  • Advanced features of some products limited
  • Not compatible with IFTT
  • $9.99/mo. fee for monitoring and automation

A special thanks to Casey at Doorbellhome.org for some of the research we’ve provided in this report.  He has some of the most in depth reviews of these three, (and many others), listed on his website here.

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