2656 N Seminary Street ,Unit 3, Lincoln Park Condo for Sale (MLS # 08018823)

by Amanda on March 31, 2012

Property Address: 2656 N Seminary Street ,Unit 3, CHICAGO, IL 60614

Property Specifics:  2 Bedroom – 1.1 Bath

Additional Information: 2656 N. Seminary Detail Page

Neighborhood:  Lincoln Park

Highlights per the seller:  Location –  Amenities – Neighborhood

Property Virtual Tour:  2656 North Seminary Unit 3 Virtual Tour

Note: The below entry has been provided by the seller of the property.

What I love about our home…

When I was looking to purchase a new condo, I saw everything on the market.  Everything.  Over the months and months of searching, it became clear to me that my ‘must haves’ were not as easy to find as I had originally thought they would be.

Some units met one or a couple of these important points, but in the end, I fell in love with the charm and convenience that are unique specifically to my home.

My Non Negotiable List;

1)       Close to el:  Having worked in the loop, it was really important to me to have an easy way to get downtown (without having to transfer to multiple busses).  Being within walking distance of both the Fullerton and Diversey el stops gives me great access all over the city to the Red, Brown, and Purple lines.

2)       Washer dryer in unit:  While in college, I had a couple buddies who lived down the street, at the corner of Seminary and Wrightwood, living in a vintage unit that had no washer and dryer.  Listening to them complain about taking their clothes to the laundry-mat convinced me this was something I could not bend on.

3)       Parking:  Growing up in the suburbs I remember always getting really frustrated coming downtown and trying to find a parking space.  It was imperative to me to have a dedicated space to park my car so that when I got home late at night I was not scouring the streets looking for somewhere to put my car.

4)       Walkup Building:  Living in a high rise feels like a hotel to me, and once you factor in the exorbitant assessment fees they charge, you are basically adding 50% to your mortgage.

Once I was able to check off my ‘must-have’ list, I was then really able to dig into the differences that this unit provided compared to all the other ones I had seen;

1)       Unique Entry to Unit:  99% of the units I saw had you walking directly into the living room when you opened the door.  Maybe I am a little old fashioned, but I wanted somewhere to put my shoes and hang up my coat before I sat down on the couch for the evening.

2)       A Dedicated Office:  Looking at two bedrooms throughout the city, I was always under the assumption that I would use the 2nd bedroom as a combo office and guest bedroom.  When I first saw my condo, I got very excited that I could put my computer and do work in a different space.

3)       Deck Space: Bottom line, I am a horrible cook except on the BBQ.  It is great to able to sit outside in the summer after grilling up a burger at my own table.

4)       An Actual Kitchen:  Every other unit I looked at had combo kitchen/dining/living with one of the best commercial ice maker unit included.  I felt like I would always be living in the same room in one of those other places, whereas at my condo, I am able to take advantage of all these different sections to my house.

5)       Vintage Features:  Vintage is just more my personality and I love bright white door and window frames, the pocket doors, the French doors to the office, and the huge bay window in the living room.  To me, all the new construction properties looked the same, and I wanted something unique.

For the first couple years in my condo, I lived alone.  Within walking distance I could get to the nightlife on Lincoln, Wrigley Field (while being far enough away that I didn’t have to deal with the pre/post game traffic), Lake Michigan, and the Southport Corridor.  Within 5 blocks, I can grab a quick salad and hot pretzel down the street at Gaslight, or take a date to the best Italian in the city at Rose Angelis.  When I was studying for the CPA, Depaul and the Chicago Public Library were right down the street for a quiet place to study without distractions.  On my way home from work, there is a Dominicks right next to the el to pick up some burgers to throw on the grill when I get home.  (For a full WalkScore Map of Surrounding Amenities Click Here)

Two years ago, I met the love of my life, and my fiancé moved in with me.  Life changed, but the convenience of my condo didn’t.  Plenty of closet and cupboard space allowed her to get all of her clothes and kitchen items into the condo without much worry.  Living so close to Wiggly Field made her very excited, because whenever her mother brought her puggle downtown, we had a great place to spend an afternoon with him.  Three Starbucks, a couple brunch locales, and tennis courts down the street have given us great weekends, and with two gyms within two blocks along with the nearby lake path for running and biking we have been able to stay in shape despite our ever changing and busy lives.  (For Top Rated YELP businesses in the area click here)

Bottom line, we both are really going to miss living in the city, but if we could do it all over again, I don’t think we would change a thing.

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