A Guide to the 2010 Chicago Farmers Markets

by Amanda on May 17, 2010

Chicago Farmers Markets 2010

Get your local Veggie On

Since spring has finally decided to join us, I thought it would be a good time to share with you another great way to embrace these warm mid-western months.

The Chicago area plays host each year to an amazing number of local farmers markets.  These markets bring in some of the best locally grown fruits, vegetables and other wonderful foods from farmers around the Chicago area.  Almost every neighborhood has one best price skip bins Brisbane, so most likely you can find one not too far from your very own home!

I have compiled a list of the local markets, their locations and their days of operation as part of my ongoing commitment to serve as your Chicago source of information.

Need another reason to head to the markets?  Since we’re all trying to do our part for the environment nowadays, consider this:

  • Non-local produce travels an average of 1500 miles, compared to 56 miles for local produce
  • Even broccoli (likely grown within 20 miles of your home), travels an average 1,800 miles to get to our Supermarket
  • About 40% of our fruit is produced overseas
  • There is no/little packaging or refrigeration needed at Farmer’s Markets (much less or little waste)
  • 3.5 cents of each dollar actually goes to the farmer compared to $.80 – $.90 at Farmer’s Markets

Click here to download the “custom” Chicago Home Partner Guide to Chicago Farmers Markets or follow this link to read the full list of Chicago Farmers Markets provided by Metromix.

Join me in doing the right thing for our planet (and your appetite!) by heading out to one of these great local markets this weekend!


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Chicago Home Partner’s – Chicago Farmer’s Market Guide 2010

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