Chicago Home Partner’s Top 10 TV Shows to Watch 2014

by Amanda on February 18, 2014

 justifiedIf ever there was a year that required chasing away the winter blues, it would be this one.  With almost 62 inches of snow falling in the city since October, 2013-14 ranks as the 7th snowiest winter ever – with a third of the season left to go!

Fear Not!  This month the Chicago Home Partner Team has compiled our list of, “Top TV Shows to Chase Away the Winter Blues”!  Below we have provided some of these television shows, available on cable or Netflix Streaming, that we thoroughly enjoy.  (NOTE:  To see more about Netflix Streaming, costs, what you’ll need and GET A FREE MONTH – CLICK HERE)

(#10)  The Following:  (Netflix, New Episodes on NBC) – Kevin Bacon stars as an FBI agent pursuing a serial killer cult obsessed with Edgar Allen Poe.  (Violence)  View Trailer here

(#9)  Orange is the New Black:  (Netflix exclusive) – Follow the dark but humorous fall of Piper Chapman as she’s sentenced to 15 months in an all woman’s prison.  (Adult Situations, Nudity)  View Trailer here

(#8)  Suits:  (Netflix, New Episodes on USA) – Set in an NY law firm, suave Harvey Specter and his uber-talented sidekick Mike take on cases with drama and flair.  View Trailer here

(#7)  House of Cards:  (Netflix Exclusive) – This drama starring Kevin Spacey, explores the dark behind the scenes workings of the American political system.  (Adult Situations)  View Trailer here

(#6)  Sons of Anarchy:  (Netflix, New Episodes on FX) – Ride along with this California biker gang as they fight rival gangs, police and try to go legit.  (Violence, Adults Situations)  View Trailer here

(#5)  Luther:  (BBC American, Netflix) – British psychological crime drama series staring Idris Elba as damaged detective John Luther who searches London for the evil that exists there while trying to stay on the right side of the law.  (Violence, Adult Situations)  View Trailer here

(#4)  Sherlock:  (BBC One, Netflix) – Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock presents an adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective stories with a modern-day twist, embracing all the “quirks” our favorite detective probably had.  (Violence)  View Trailer here

(#3)  The Blacklist:  (, New Episodes on NBC) – James Spader returns to Prime Time as Raymond Reddington, a former government agent gone rogue who suddenly reappears to aid the FBI in the capture of top terrorists on “The Blacklist”.  (Violence)  View Trailer here

(#2)  Rescue Me:  (FXNow*, Netflix, Original Series on FX) – Written by and starring comedian Dennis Leary, Rescue Me revolves around the lives of NYC firefighters post 9-11 as they deal with life and death situations, PTSD, and alcoholism while trying to balance their family lives.  (Adult Situations)  View Trailer here

(#1)  Justified:  (FXNow*, Amazon Prime, New Episodes on FX) – Based on the novella, “Fire in the Hole”, Justified stars Timothy Olyphant as ‘Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens’, a conflicted lawman who finds himself drawn back to his former home in the hill country of Eastern Kentucky.  Self-righteous Raylan fights to uphold the law while walking dangerously close to crossing it in his attempts to bring wrong-doers to justice.  (Violence, Adult Situations)  View Trailer here

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*FXNow is free to all cable subscribers to watch past TV episodes online by accessing their website here and logging in with your current cable provider information.

What did we miss?  What are some of your favorite shows on TV/Netflix today?  One thing that’s not to be overlooked is the Netflix Competitor Amazon Prime which streams many of the same TV shows, (and has the exclusive rights to our favorite eye candy TV show Justified).  More information can be found on Amazon Prime here and not only allows the user to access thousands of free TV Shows and movies, but gives free 2 day shipping to any “Prime” item ordered from Amazon for only $79 a year.


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