Equifax Breach – What you NEED to do!

by Amanda on September 21, 2017

As you know, I owe much of the success that I have experienced over the years to my efforts to become your real estate advisor.  This means looking out for your best interests in good times and in bad, while always trying to protect your investment and your family.  

At the same time, I have surrounded myself with many advisors who do the same for me in their chosen fields.  Scott Martin of Kingsview Asset Management is one of those individuals.  Scott secured the position of my top financial consultant by being one of the best in his field, while still remaining incredibly accessible and approachable.  Last week he sent the following note to me, and I feel it important to pass this information on to all of you.

As devastating Hurricane Irma was last week, another storm has gone under the radar – the Equifax data breach. As your financial advisor, and a credit card holder myself, I’m taking this data breach very seriously.

Most everyone in the US has credit information maintained by Equifax. This data breach is the largest in history and may arguably be the most damaging to date. Take this seriously.  I am acting as if my data was compromised and I highly recommend you do too.”  – Scott Martin

Scott provided 6 steps that everyone can take to potentially safeguard themselves against their credit information being used below.  I highly recommend you take the time to follow these preventative steps:

  • Put a freeze on your credit record.  Visit https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0497-credit-freeze-faqs to learn more and how to take this step.
  • Put a fraud alert on your credit record. The link in #1 tells how to do this also.
  • Immediately obtain a credit report from one of the three credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian, Equifax) and review it carefully to see if you have already fallen victim to abuse or ID theft.
  • Commit to obtain another credit report from a second bureau in 2 months, and again in January 2018 (from the third bureau).
  • Review any offer from Equifax to provide credit monitoring.
  • Place alerts on your credit card accounts that are from credit cards minneapolis mn, so that you are getting routine email updates about balances and transactions.  Read the updates as they come in and follow up if something doesn’t seem quite right. (This can be done by logging into your CC online account.)

If you have any questions Scott Martin or are looking for someone to discuss your financial well being, I can’t speak highly enough of him.  He’s truly is top notch.

Scott Martin
CIO Kingsview Asset Management

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