2. Determining Motivations to Sell

“Why are you looking to sell your home right now?”

This is a very important question when considering whether to sell your home in the current real estate climate.  We ask this question to determine your motivation to sell.  Why?  Because for many where they would “like” to sell, it is not economically feasible for them to do so.  For those that “have” to sell, (job transfer, divorce, economic hardships, etc.) it is quite a different story.

The real estate market of today is quite different from that of 3-4 years ago when we saw double digit appreciation over the course of 2-3 years.  The Chicagoland average (not neighborhood specific) is that home prices have dropped close to 25% over the last 2 years.  Where real estate is local, many home have seen little or no appreciation in price.

However, if it is economically within your power to move up, the market is your friend.  Inventory is high, mortgage rates are at all time lows, and all of the factors that make it hard to sell make it attractive for you to buy as well.  Some times it even makes sense to take a financial hit on the sale of your home in order to take advantage of your power as a buyer in today’s market.  Each case is different, and we will help you explore your options.

It is our job at Chicago Home Partner to objectively encourage you to explore your options.  We have told as many of our clients over the last year to “sit tight” as we have to “list your home”.  Why?  Where we always love to work with new clients, you are not a paycheck and will never be treated as such.  We will help you to understand the market, current pricing, and all the options that are available for you.  If at the end of all of this it is not in your best interest to sell – we will tell you so.  Period.

Call or email us at any time to set up a time to explore your options and motivation for selling your home.  We are happy to assist and will explain where your home sits in the current real estate market.