Home Buyer Information

Buying a home is a huge decision and one that should not be taken lightly. Many of the situations that we are facing in the real estate market today are due to lack of planning and education. In fact, it can be simply stated that, “Home Ownership is not a Right, it’s a Responsibility”. Your home is not a short-term investment. It is a long-term investment in your future, one that can be rewarding both emotionally and financially.

We have put the following materials together for you as a “workbook” to prepare you for your journey to home ownership. Whether choosing to move up from your current home or purchasing for the first time, these materials will help to educate you on the transaction as a whole, assist you in preparing for your purchase, and provide you with a list of preferred partners to assist you along the way.

10 Steps to Choosing and Purchasing Your Home

1. Find a Qualified Buyer’s Representative

2. Assess Your Credit and Finances

3. Assess Your Wants and Needs

4. Searching for a Home

5. Negotiate Terms Contract

6. Obtain a Mortgage

7. Insurance and Inspections

8.Prepare for Moving

9. Close on Your Home

10. Live like a Local

This guide in no way takes the place of consulting with a professional real estate advisor, but should serve as a comprehensive reference to plot your course towards home ownership. If during your exploration of these materials you have any questions regarding language, the process, or questions in general – please contact us. We would be happy to provide any assistance free of obligation.