Monthly CAP Program

For the last 7 years we have been providing our clients with our favorite things to do in Chicago, special deals and great ideas for enjoying your home.  Updated monthly, this section deserves to be revisited often!

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Below are a list of archived “Client Appreciation Program” materials from our past mailings and blog posts.  Feel free to contact us for a full list of past materials.

February 2010 – After the recent devastation in Haiti, we as the Chicago Home Partner network have the ability to make a difference.  That is why on behalf of each of you, I have contributed one meal for a family of four to the Red Cross Haitian Relief Fund.  It’s a small amount in comparison to the devastation that the country has endured, but every bit helps in situations such as these.  CLICK HERE to find more information on our contribution and how you can help out as well.

January 2010 – As we look forward to 2010 with fresh eyes, it’s up to us to make good on the new courses we have set
for ourselves.  That is why I am incredibly excited to announce the launch of Chicago Home Partner 2.0. After many months in
the design room, we have undergone an online facelift at to help serve as a resource for you before, during and well after your real estate transaction.  CLICK HERE for a full rundown of benefits the NEW Chicago Home Partner websites brings to you!

Decemeber 2009 – It is with great pride that we announce another year of the Annual Chicago Home Partner Holiday Toy Drive.  CLICK HERE for information on the program, where you can donate toys, and to download a personal message coupon to accompany your gift.  As always, I will be personally matching all donations with a $10 Target Gift Card to help less fortunate families this holiday season.

November 2009 – This month we provide you with a plethora of ideas for “Great Gifts that Don’t Cost Big Bucks”  Knowing that this year have been tough on all of us, we’ve put together this list to help with your holiday shopping.  CLICK HERE

October 2009 – Welcome to the third installment of the Chicago Home Partner Pumpkin Caving Contest!  For details, submissions, and all the fine print CLICK HERE and good luck!

September 2009 – We’re excited to announce the 2009 Chicago Gourmet Fest taking place this month in Grant Park.  CLICK HERE for details, tickets, and special offers – see ya there!

August 2009 – Dirks Seafood and Gourmet has been generous enough to provide us with their $5 off of $25 coupon again this year.  CLICK HERE for the coupon and go enjoy some GREAT Seafood!

(An archive of the past Chicago Home Partner CAP Mailings is available by simply contacting us!)