Neighborhood Resources

Whether new to a neighborhood or long-time resident, there are always things that we want to know them better.  That’s why we have put the list of following resources together for you to better “Love Where You Live”. is a fantastic resource that allows you to see everything that is “walkable” around your home.  From schools to restaurants, Walkscore can show you where it is.

The Chicago Park District home page has an unbelievable amount of services to enjoy your new home.  Park locators and pet friendly resources will help you to “get out and enjoy” your new neighborhood. is the ultimate review site for locals that want to explore what’s around them.  100% independent reviews of just about every service provider help you to find the “local gems” around you.

The Mayors Office of Special Events is probably one of the most comprehensive sites of all the happenings in Chicago.  From farmers’ markets to street festivals, this site has it all for your enjoyment and planning.

Chicago has one of the best public transportation systems in the country, and the CTA website will help you plan routes, see what services are closest to your new home and more. is a wonderful compilation of music, restaurants, reviews and events dedicated specifically to Chicago.  Complete with reviews and announcements this is a one stop shop of local knowledge.

The Chicago Sport and Social Club is a fantastic way to meet people in your area that want to get involved in either sport or social leagues.  Highly recommended for the “active single”!