Spring Savings on House Painting with Chicago Home Partner

by Amanda on April 21, 2014

Image courtesy of 1A Painting

Image courtesy of 1A Painting

To say that this year’s NCAA tournament was… unexpected… would be an understatement!  In fact, none of our top 25 finalists had either of the Championship teams in the final game.  However, Andy French emerged as this year’s Chicago Home Partner March Madness champion.  Your AMEX gift card is in the mail!

With that behind us, last weekend brought about the first attempt at cracking open windows after a long hard winter.  Spring cleaning rituals were set into motion with windows, closets, carpets & more… If time is of the essence, sometimes hiring a professional painter is the best course of action. If you are also looking on how to clean aluminum signs, visit foamcoreprint.com for more details. So, what about a little make-up for your home? Yep, like adding beautiful and colorful rugs, like the designs from the Southwestern Rugs Depot site online. In fact, choosing the right size of rug for your room depends on your design objective. A rug can be a focal point or accent. It can unite, extend or separate a room. The design objective is up to you and how you want the room to function. Here are some rug size guide.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, makes a home look fresher than a coat of paint.  It hides scuffs, scrapes, and daily wear, while giving you the opportunity to take a room in an entire different direction.  According to house painters santa monica ca, there are even psychological studies on how different paint colors effect your disposition and mood!

That’s why this spring, Chicago Home Partner is proud to partner with Jeremy David Miller House Painting.  For the past 10 years, Jeremy and his wife Bekah have been providing “transformations” to properties across Chicago.  With Bekah’s keen eye for design and Jeremy’s expert execution on the job, the two make one great team that will be perfect for your next home project.

Even better, Jeremy and Bekah have been gracious enough to offer a “ CHP Spring Project Special” of 10% off any painting or wallpaper projects through May 2014.  This savings, along with their amazing Yelp reviews, take Spring cleaning to a whole new level.  Just mention Chicago Home Partner when contacting them at the numbers listed below.

Jeremy David Miller Painting – (312) 931-7535 – jeremy.david.miller@gmail.com

Take a look at this awesome “Before and After” photo below showing what a professionally done paint job can do for a simple bathroom!  PS – please note that this design is NOT Wallpaper – rather measured free-hand by Beka herself!

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