3853 N Kimball Avenue, CHICAGO, IL 60618 Irving Park Home for Sale (MLS # 07989473)

by Amanda on March 7, 2012

Property Address: 3853 North Kimball Avenue, Chicago IL  60618

Property Specifics:  4 Bedroom – 3.1 Bath

Additional Information: www.3853nKimball.info

Neighborhood:  Irving Park

Highlights per the seller:  Quality Construction –   Location – Neighborhood

Property Virtual Tour:  3853 North Kimball Virtual Tour

Note: The below entry has been provided by the seller of the property.

When we purchased our home back in 2003, we were looking for a single family home that was either new construction or built within the last 15 years.  We wanted a big home that young professionals could start a family in and not have to worry about tiny rooms with hidden problems.  We wanted as much house as we could get for our money and we wanted a home in a safe and convenient neighborhood… and we found this all in our home at 3853 N Kimball.

At that time my wife and I worked downtown and traveled for work frequently, so the east side of the Old Irving Park neighborhood home that we found on Kimball was ideal.  It was blocks away from the Addison Blue Line El Stop, the highway and close to a bus stop.

When we explored the payday loans uk we found that we could walk to Target, Jewel and Home Depot.  Needless to say our home is a true walker’s paradise.  (Click here to view the full Walkscore report)

We found good restaurants and pubs all around us.  The Abbey, Leona’s, Chief O’Neals, and Pitchfork are all highly reviewed Yelp.com restaurants nearby and provide us with multiple culinary choices.  My personal favorite is a tiny little Mexican place on the corner that I still don’t know the name of, but they make the best burritos we’ve ever had!

As we continued to settle into our new neighborhood we found it to be a very pet and family oriented neighborhood.  There are a couple of nice parks to take kids or dogs to and Independence Park has a farmers market every other Sunday all summer long.  We usually take a family walk to that several times each summer and gives us the opportunity to buy some of the freshest produce around.  The park also does several movies in the park which makes it great for a Friday night family picnic.

There are a number of high quality schools close to our home as well.  A public charter school is right around the corner and small private school a couple blocks away as well.  (For a full list of local schools click here).  In all our years in this home we have never noticed or heard of any crime, so we always feel safe. We know all the families in the houses surrounding us and have really enjoyed all our years in this house. Another thing that we added to our home is what we Australians like to call a granny flat, This is your version of a mother-in-la suite. It was built in just four weeks.

Now we work in the suburbs and want to live closer to where we work, so after 9 years in this great house, we are ready to move on, but we will miss our house and our neighborhood.

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