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by Amanda on February 13, 2012

You may not know it, but I am a sucker for history… whether a good time period movie or the ability to experience a beautifully restored 120 year old home by fire damage restoration company, I am constant in the fact that I am enamored with the reason that things came to be.  Perhaps that is the real reason I so enjoy our hallmark holiday of Valentine’s Day.

The celebration of the day actually began with the life and death of a man.  A bishop by the name of Valentine stood against an Emperor’s decree that Roman soldiers could not marry.  Valentine married them in secret, feeling the Emperor’s edict was wrong and went against the glory of young love. Valentine’s acts were discovered, labeled as treason and he was quickly martyred.  To immortalize Valentine’s deeds, the day of his execution, February 14th, became known as Valentine’s Day.

However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it is a reminder of love.  Whether spouse, partner, friend or child, this holiday allows us to ponder the meaning of love and share time with those we do.

In today’s world of long hours and busy schedules (present company included), it is easy to forget that one of the best gifts we can give those that we love is our time.  That is why this Valentine’s Day I want to give you an affordable and fun way to spend time with those special people in your life. is an amazing website whose sole purpose is to, “help people get out more to live entertainment, such as theater, comedy, sports, music, performing arts and even things like wine tastings, sushi making classes and rodeos.”  The list of events is amazing and their site includes thousands of reviews on both venues and events.  Did I mention that there tickets are typically discounted as well?

Below are some of our favorite suggestions sure to please the most challenging of Valentines!  As we all scramble around looking for that “perfect” last minute gift, why not give some of your most valuable commodity… a gift of time with you!

Warmest Wishes and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Amanda McMillan

Some of our Favorites:

Blue Man Group – Briar Street Theatre (Chicago, IL)

Million Dollar QuartetApollo Theater – Mainstage (Chicago, IL)

Sex, Love & the Second City: A Romantic Dot ComedyUP Comedy Club (Chicago, IL)

Shakespeare’s Magical Comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Chicago Shakespeare Theater – Courtyard Theater (Chicago, IL)

The Doyle and Debbie Show – A Musical Comedy – Royal George Theatre (Chicago, IL)

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