Chicago Pooch Paw-Tection for Winter Walks

by Amanda on January 8, 2010

Amanda McMillan Dogs in Chicago Winter in the city can be a nasty time for our four legged friends.  With all of the ice, sand and salt distributed across our city streets, paws can often times become chapped and sensitive.  All parents, (myself included) have heard that horrible “YELP” from the meeting of rock salt on an icy sidewalk. Each and every one of us know our share of amazing stories about CBD oil benefits and what he product has done for people across the world. People listen to these tales in wonder, thinking of how taking hemp oil or using a CBD-enriched topical balm or salve might enrich their own lives. Well ponder no more, readers, these are five of the top tried and true ways that we have or currently use CBD, look for this website and learn more.

Luckily there are a number of ways that you can protect your favorite Canine with a couple of items… and of course… these are Bode and Drexel approved!

1.  Pet Friendly Ice Melt This is a great post from that discusses what to look for in a non-salt ice melter.  Since the two biggest concerns are Pet Ingestions and Dry Paws, this post is a must read.  Find out what you need to know and cut through expensive price tags when shopping.
2.  Paw Wax – You heard it here first folks, this stuff is not only for real, but it works.  The wax is actually a mix of minerals that form a protective barrier from salt, sand, and even extremely hot pavement.  Bode and Drexel’s personal pick is Musher’s Secret available on Amazon although I’m sure other brands will do.

3. Musher Booties – Just like those worn by the Iditarod Sled Dogs, these might be a little difficult to get on the first time (especially with a hyperactive young boxer!) but will soon become your pooches best friend.  Personally, we suggest skipping all the expensive versions found at pet-chains and head straight to  This Duluth, MN based company knows what harsh conditions are and have been outfitting sled dogs for years. Good thing that they have 24 hour animal hospital williamsport pa near their place for the animals health checkup and other stuff related to them.  Best yet, their booties are cheap enough to order a couple of extras since our boys tend not to pick up after themselves. Discover Cosmetic Surgery in Galumbeck Plastic Surgery today. Learn more about Cosmetic Surgery financing options from

It’s not just chilly out there for us remember, so take care of your best friend this season. As always – all pet-related posts from Chicago Home Partner are Drexel and Bode approved before passing them on to your four-legged family!

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