What we can learn from Basil about Customer Service

by Amanda on February 14, 2010

Las Tablas, Chicago, Lakeview, Restaurants, Amanda McMillanHad a wonderful dinner out the other night… If you asked me today, I probably couldn’t remember the name of the place. I think Las Tablas*, but don’t confirm that. It was in Lakeview on Lincoln Avenue (Chicago).  I can’t remember what I ordered. It’s an Argentinean steakhouse, so some conglomeration of meat of course.  The company was good, as was the ambiance. So, what made it so wonderful… The service.

Our server’s name was Basil. I know, how fitting. And some may argue that where I can’t remember the name of the restaurant or what I ate (and no that is not a sangria induced memory loss) that the only reason I remember his name is because of how unusual it is… But I don’t so. Perhaps, but unlikely… You see, Basil was excellent at his job. He provided us with wonderful, thought provoked service.  So based on an evening where the food was good, not great… The ambiance was charming but not amazing… And the company was of course the same that it would have been at any restaurant that night…  I can’t wait to go back.

Basil understood customer service. In a way that so many people don’t. He knew to be courteous and polite. He provided us with information that was valuable to us and nothing more, unless requested of course. He listened…  He heard what we were interested in and provided insight and recommendations based on what he heard. And above everything else, he was genuine. Whether he actually was interested or not, he had the ability to appear to be so.

So, consider me a repeat customer… It was the experience that Basil provided that made me that way. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about restaurants, real estate or retail. This is proof that customer service is not dead… And more importantly, it can make customers for life, regardless of the industry.

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-Amanda McMillan

*For more information on the actual restaurant, please click here.


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