Smart Gifts this Holiday Season for Someone Special

by Amanda on November 30, 2009

Chicago Home Partner Pumpkin WinnerI would like to begin by thanking all who participated in our annual pumpkin carving competition this year and ESPECIALLY Mr. Thomas Cerra who submitted the winning jack-o-lantern entitled “Father Pumpkin Eats Son”.  It was a tough decision to make, but in the end, creativity and some holiday gore won the prize and the judges’ respect.

With the shortening of days and the falling of the leaves, Chicagoans understand that the holiday season is upon us.  Ask anyone who’s entered a department store as of late. It’s true that the holiday garb and music have already taken their hold.

As an early gift to you, we at Chicago Home Partner have compiled the Chicago Home Partner’s “Great Gifts that Don’t Cost Big Bucks”.  Knowing that the most memorable gifts are often times not the most expensive, we have created a list of truly great and meaningful gifts that we have received throughout the years.

Since we are all trying to save a little money this year, we would also like to remind you that on our website, you can still find the 2008 Holiday Shopping Help.  For those new to this program or just simply forgot about it, this list of 11 websites are all geared to helping you save some big bucks during an expensive time of year.  Feel free to email us any references you might have and would like to share as well.

  1. Create custom stamps at CLICK HERE
  2. Name a star for someone you love CLICK HERE
  3. Create a custom designed Tshirt CLICK HERE
  4. Create a custom made memory box CLICK HERE
  5. Make the perfect mix CD CLICK HERE
  6. Personalized photo books from Shutterfly CLICK HERE
  7. Personal stationary or address labels CLICK HERE
  8. Ticket stub albums from special events CLICK HERE
  9. Learn how to scrapbook your memories CLICK HERE
  10. Make your own “Love Coupon” book CLICK HERE

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